CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” The concept began with vegetable farmers. The farm sells shares in the harvest prior to the growing season. As the vegetables are harvested, members pick up their “share” of fresh vegetables.

The CSA at No Bull Ranch, LLC, operates on a similar community-based principle. Instead of vegetables, we offer shares of beef and Berkshire pork. Since our animals are raised all year round, we offer shares monthly based on the number of animals we are raising. Members are responsible for picking up their share of freshly butchered meats.

A member enrolls in the CSA and selects the share(s) that best suits their needs. Each pickup, the member goes to a convenient location to pick up their share(s). Each share contains a combination of freshly processed, vacuum-sealed meats in various cuts. The meat is flash frozen to retain its tenderness and flavor.

No Bull Ranch offers two frequency levels of membership:

Approximately $25 worth of beef and pork each week.  Membership will last 10 weeks, approximately 3 months or one season. The share is determined by price of each retail cut of meat.
Approximately 8 pounds of beef, pork, or combination of both each month. Memberships are offered in six month cycles. The shares are determined by total pounds of meat.

Why join a Meat CSA?

The CSA at No Bull Ranch is for people who love to eat high quality, tender, delicious meat with the knowledge that it comes from animals that are humanely raised without any hormones or steroids. The animal goes directly from No Bull Ranch to a USDA-certified facility. After the meat is processed, it is aged and flash frozen at the peak of freshness.

The CSA is part of a growing “farm to table” movement that cuts out the middle-man. The farmer personally oversees every stage of the process, and the member has confidence knowing that the meat is fresh. Our meat does not sit on cargo ships in a semi-frozen state for months. Best yet, every month the members get to personally meet the farmer that raises their food!

What does the Share Include?

When you sign up for a membership you determine the frequency of your pickup (weekly or monthly).

Each weekly CSA share will receive a variety of cuts totaling approximately $25 retail cost. One week may receive $24 worth of meat and the next week may be $26 in order to provide a variety of cuts each week. For example, one week you may receive two steaks and ground pork. The next week you may receive a roast or a pack of bacon, ground beef, and smoked chops.
Monthly CSA members will select type of meat (pork, beef, or combination of both). The shares are determined by total pounds of meat, rather than by the retail cost. Each monthly share is assembled to include a good variety of cuts. The package will contain approximately 50% of high-end cuts such as steaks, tenderloin, chops, or bacon and the remaining 50% of moderate cuts such as ground meat, sausage, or hocks. One month you may receive two ribeye steaks, ground beef, hot sausage and bacon, the next you may receive a pork roast, short ribs, sweet Italian sausage and beef patties. The Monthly Share generally fits the needs of a couple or individual. Still too large? Split the share with another household! Too small? Purchase two shares!

How do I Become a Member?

The new weekly membership is offered in 10 week cycles that run with the seasons:

Winter: January – February – March
Spring: April – May – June
Summer: July – August – September
Fall: October – November – December

Monthly memberships are offered in six-month cycles. There will be one pick up per each month of the cycle. The cycles are defined as follows:

January – February – March – April – May – June
July – August – September – October – November – December

Members are asked to sign up by the first day of each new cycle. Shares are available to current continuing members first. To sign up, please contact us with the subject line titled “Join CSA.” You will receive a follow-up email within 48 hours.